House training your puppy

pppy house training

House training your boerboel puppy

One of the first tasks you will have as the proud new owner is to house-train your puppy. There are three basic rules you need to follow during this process:

  1. Never be harsh with your puppy.
  2. Any punishment must be administered immediately after the misdeed (it will be absolutely useless to administer any punishment a little while later as the puppy is unable to connect cause with effect).
  3. Never rub your puppy's nose in the puddle he has made. This is not only cruel, but also unhygienic and has no positive effect whatsoever.

By watching your puppy's behaviour constantly, you will soon be able to ascertain whether you need to put it outside. If your dog starts whining or running around restlessly, or if it starts looking around for somewhere, like a soft rug, take it outside at once. Praise it lavishly if it relieves itself there. It is, of course, very possible that, at first you will not notice the signals your puppy is making and it will do its 'business' inside. When you witness your puppy doing this, show it the puddle, scold it sharply and then take it outside. Know that in the beginning your puppy will relieve itself up to 20 times or more per day, so be prepared! It is advisable at this early stage to confine your puppy to one room in the house which is covered with a thick layer of newspapers. If you are able to notice your puppy's signals in time and put it outdoors at least five times a day, your efforts should soon start showing results. Observe what your dog does outdoors as well. Every time he relieves himself outside, praise him lavishly and show him how pleased you are with him.

You should be able to notice progress being made within the first week and after three weeks, your dog should be indicating to you when it wants to be let out. Try to accustom it to being let out at specific times.

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