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It is very important when selecting a puppy to know exactly what you want it for. Do you want a companion, protector and family friend or a show animal. Please remember that a Boerboel is very sociable and needs to be a part of the family. Give your puppy all the love and attention he deserves and you will have one of the best family dogs around.

He will protect and serve you even if it costs him his life. When selecting your pet always think long term, and remember to look for any health problems. Most large dogs breeds are genetically prone to Hip Dysplasia. Check the parents Hip Dysplasia status, most good breeders will have a certificate from a vet. If both parents are free from Hip Dysplasia, your puppy should be safe. All breeding dogs and bitches at Baden Boerboels are Hip Dysplasia free.

Here are a few other factors to bear in mind.tiny boerboel puppy

Boerboel puppy check list

  1. Always buy from a registered breeder.
  2. Make sure both parents are registered. Check their registration certificates
  3. Have a good look at both parents. This will give you a good idea of what the puppies will turn out like.
  4. The pigmentation of the puppy is important. It should have a Black muzzle, Black lips and the skin around the eyes should be Black.
  5. Check the puppies for good healthy teeth.
  6. Make sure that the puppy is well balanced and has a strong muscle construction - it is of no use if it only has a huge head and paws. These are just a few pointers. If you are unsure of your puppy get your local vet to have a look for you.

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