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I am Attie Badenhorst, an attorney, farmer and livestock auctioneer in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. My family and I live in Belfast, which is situated 250 kilometers east of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The children on the photos are my grandchildren. My son, Calvyn,began years ago with the breeding of Arabian horses and did a study on breeding. To visit Calvyn's website please go to:


I have always had boerboels on the farm and after conversations with Calvyn, I realized that we must have an incredible mastiff in the boerboel with his origins in the same country as that of the Arabian horse. It sounds very easy to breed boerboels. However, it is far more difficult to actually breed good boerboels. It requires much knowledge, experience, perseverance and lots of luck to breed champion boerboels.



I joined the SABT (South African Boerboel Breeders Association) and the HBSA (Historical Boerboel Association of Southern Africa) and successfully completed the Breeders and Appraisal courses and exams of both the SABT and the HBSA. I also joined the EBBASA (Elite Boerboel Breeders Association of Southern Africa) and the Boerboel International Association.
I soon realized that selective breeding is the most important method to eliminate genetic defects. I apply strict selection on the basis of:
1. Temperament
2. Conformation
3. General Health
4. Bloodlines and Relationships

Well-balanced boerboels are always better breeding material than those who have major or serious defects, but also have features that are near perfect.

We have great appreciation for the unselfish work the management of the EBBASA, HBSA, Boerboel International and SABT do and we hope they will go from strength to strength. The future of the boerboel must be handled with responsibility and vision. That is our task.

Attie Badenhorst


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