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The resemblance of the history of the Arab horse and the Boerboel is remarkable. I quote from by Barbara S. Lewis

"Evidence of the domestication of horses emerged in Syria, dating 2000 BC. In an excavation, halters adorned the bones of horses and horses in artistic drawings. In 1330 AD, the first pedigrees recorded, referred to the Arabian by name, although there was no mention of strains or types. As time went on, early travelers questioned the crossing of apparently different "breeds" by the people of the Desert. These were not, in fact, different breeds but strains, or families, of the same breed.

Today's Arabian is a product of constant crossing of these strains, as no individual carries the blood of a single, undiluted strain. This is not to say that an Arabian of pure, undiluted, Desert blood does not exist. Therein lies one of the major differences in the Straight Egyptian Arabian and those of other bloodlines. The Straight Egyptian Arabian is the blending of strains of pure, undisputed, Desert heritage.

The purity of the Egyptian Arabian horse has endured from the beginning of history due to the passionate devotion of its caretakers. The fittest have survived centuries of battles, and harsh use across torrid Desert sand. It has earned respect with its great beauty, intelligence, strength, courage, and stamina. Gold has adorned its head and he has walked on carpets of silk. It has slept in the tents of its owners and taken food before kings and pharaoh's. Is there any wonder why its blood, fine qualities, and purity are so precious?"

For more information and pictures on the Arabian horse and its history visit Calvyn's web site:

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